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A Christmas Carol

Ebeneezer Scrooge:                                                          Justin DaBell
Ghost of Christmas Past:                                            Stephanie Jones
Ghost of Christmas Present:                                            Chandler Dye

Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Woman:                      Gayle Tingey
Jacob Marley:                                                                 Cameron Cook
Young Scrooge:                                                                         Blake Ball
Young Marley:                                                                           Joe Wood
Emily:                                               Liberty Miller / Kristina Young
Fan:                                                                                       Callie Eddie
Bob Cratchit:                                                                      Steven South
Mrs.Cratchit:                                                                       Camie Eddie
Tiny Tim:                                                                           Decker Dalley
Beadle/Mr.Fezziwig:                                                                 Kip Later
Mrs.Mops/Mrs. Fezziwig:                                                    Julie Brinton

Fred:                                                                     Luis Tobias-Jemmett
Scrooge’s Mother/Fred’s Wife Sally:                             Emily Fairbank,

Sloan Dalley      
Jonathan:                                                    AJ Fairbank / Lucas Brady      
Boy Scrooge:                                                                          Lincoln King      
Mr. Smythe:                                                     Aaron Fife / Mike Brady      
Grace Smythe:                                                Brynn Fife / Tessa Brady      
Three Charity Men:                           Braxton Bird, Benjamin Strock,      

Joseph Young      

Ensemble:                Lauren Campbell, Hana Brady, Jeanne Miller,     

Malia Lawrence, Gwendolyn Craw, Emrie Miller,     

Dakota Short, Megan Perry, Rae Phillips,     

Aubrianna Resendes     


Auditions and Envolvement

Have a desire to be in one of our shows or volunteer to help bring a

production to life with a great group of people?


Please reach out through our open auditions or through our chat feature

to tell us how you would like to help out. 


We desire to bring more wonderful family friendly entertainment options to Idaho Falls Arts community by producing really wonderful shows the community can be involved in and be proud of and by teaching future stars through our Broadway Academy

What are your audition requirements?  

Audition requirements will be listed by the director above specific to each show.  In general we will ask for a 16-18 bar cut of music in a style similar to the show for all auditions for musicals.  We will only require a 1 minute monologue for our straight plays.  

We will provide a keyboard and an accompanist at all auditions.  Performers will also have the option to use an Aux or iPhone hookup if using a minus track.  

Please, no a cappella auditions.  

Audition Tips

  • Have fun.  The number 1 thing to remember is that we on the production staff are rooting for you to succeed!  

  • Be memorized- know your song/monologue front to back.

  • Act!  If you are singing we don't want to just hear your voice- we want to feel the emotion or message in the song!

Perform for us!  

Center Stage Theatre invites anyone and everyone to auditions for each of our shows regardless of age, race, gender, physical attributes, ethnicity etc.  We want everyone to feel safe in expressing themselves on stage and off.  We actively seek to create a safe environment to do so.  This also applies to one's perceived ability or theatrical experience.  If you don't think you have the experience or ability to perform- we invite you to audition anyways!  


All are welcome at Center Stage Theatre- See you on stage!  

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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